Management team

Robert Henricks

Acting Managing Director / Operation Manager

Kjetil Hantveit

Modification Manager

Freddy Garcia

Technology Manager

Muhammad Ismail Shah

Technical Support Manager

Marie Berg

Manager of Finance and Administration

Kurt-Arne Fosse

HSE&Q Manager

Arne Thorsen Kolle

Commercial Manager


Board of directors

TCM is organized as a responsible company with shared responsibility (DA). This means that the responsibility for the company’s obligations is divided according to the partcipants’ ownership.

Through Gassnova, the Norwegian state has a 73.9% ownership interest. The industrial partners, Equinor, Shell and Total, all have a 8.7% stake in TCM. All holding companies are represented with board and deputy member.

Board members:
Svein Ingar Semb, Chairman, Gassnova SF
Stig Harald Soligard, Equinor
Nina Thowsen, A/S Norske Shell
Anne Brisset, Total

Deputy members:
Fred Bjørvik, Gassnova SF
Gelein De Koeijer, Equinor
Carsten Ehrhorn, A/S Norske Shell
Clemet Merat, Total