What we do

We test various technologies for efficient capture of CO2.

What we do

We are advisors for capture and storage projects globally.

What we do

We impart our knowledge on professional arenas.

We test technologies

We offer the world´s most advanced test arena for CO2 capture technologies.

Companies and scientific communities from all over the world come to TCM to develop efficient technologies that can be used in full scale carbon capture.

We are advisors

TCM helps players in various industries to adopt technologies that will enable them to achieve their goals for reducing carbon emissions.
We share the knowledge we have gained with developers of projects in carbon capture and storage.



Change in Management at TCM

Managing Director Ernst Petter Axelsen resigns and Operation Manager Robert Henricks will take on the position as acting Managing Director until further notice. A new Managing Director will be proposed by Gassnova and appointed by the Company Mee…


Promising test of new capture technology

– The test campaign at TCM using the open source capture solvent CESAR-1, a mixture of AMP and Piperazine, has been very promising, says Technical Support Manager, Muhammad Ismail Shah. – The preliminary results indicate significantly lower en…


Announces CESAR-1-results on TCCS-11

TCM will present results from last year’s CESAR-1 campaign during the TCCS-11 conference.