TCM’s GHGT-16 publications are receiving a lot of attention

More than 160 people have downloaded the next two articles that we now present to you readers that were shared during the 16th Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference 2022 in Lyon in France.

Gerard Lombardo retires from TCM

Gerard Lombardo has been a key person in the operation of TCM since the test facility was opened in 2012.

Gerard Lombardo siitter med utsikt over TCM bak seg

Results from CESAR1 testing at the Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM)

This paper was published at 16th Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference 2022 and is now available online. Already 218 abstract views and 37 downloads

What we do

We test various technologies for efficient capture of CO2.

What we do

We are advisors for capture and storage projects globally.

What we do

We impart our knowledge on professional arenas.

Sharing our findings

TCM has published almost 50 scientific papers, with many more on the way in the near future.

Having built up unique expertise on how to run carbon capture facilities, we are now sharing this knowledge with the world.

We are advisors

TCM helps players in various industries to adopt technologies that will enable them to achieve their goals for reducing carbon emissions.
We share the knowledge we have gained with developers of projects in carbon capture and storage.