What we do

TCM’s main objective is to test
different technologies for carbon capture
and provide advisory services on
global projects with CO2 capture technology.

What we do

We contribute in improving
technology maturity and thereby
reducing costs and risks of carbon capture.

What we do

TCM will continue to play an important role
in global deployment of
carbon capture and storage.

Technology testing

We offer the world´s most advanced test arena for CO2 capture technologies.

Companies and scientific communities from all over the world come to TCM to develop efficient technologies that can be used in full scale carbon capture.

Advisory services

We have gained incomparable expertise on carbon capture technology which we want to share with developers of projects.

TCM is expanding the global consultancy practice.

About TCM

We have expanded our scope and become the world’s leading arena for testing of mature and emerging CO2 capture technologies.

Read more about our history, development and future.


We are providing world-class infrastructure and technical resources to ease technologies’ route to the market. Six reputable companies have used our facility, and we are advising several carbon capture and storage projects.

Our owners



Continuing the operation of the Technology Centre for CO2 capture at Mongstad

The Government propose a continuation of the financial support for the Technology Centre for CO2 capture at Mongstad (TCM) until end of 2023.


Norwegian carbon capture center tests technology for climate fund

Technology Center Mongstad (TCM) has signed a contract with OGCI Climate Investments – the $1B+ investment fund of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) – to test carbon capture technology at TCM’s facilities in Norway in March 2020


U.S. top official for Fossil Energy visited Norway to strengthen carbon capture cooperation

Steven Winberg, Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy in the US Department of Energy (DoE), visited Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) on Friday 14. February to learn about the new unit for testing emerging carbon capture technologies. The US Depart…