– The tasks are in line for TCM!

– The expertise Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) has built since starting up in 2012 is unique in a global context. It represents a fantastic opportunity for Norway when we now are in the process of realizing the first full-scale facilities for…

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering thanks TCM

Engineering has succesfully tested its nwe solvent, KS-21TM, at TCM. In a press release, the write that «TCM’s expertise and experience in environmental impact assessment, and its state-of-the-art test environment, have enabled us to confirm th…

TCM prepares to demonstrate MOF-based CO₂ capture technology

Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) is part of the MOF4AIR project for carbon capture. Recently representatives from the Spanish engineering company EDIBON visited Mongstad to discuss the design of the skid to be tested at TCM’s site for emerging t…

What we do

We test various technologies for efficient capture of CO2.

What we do

We are advisors for capture and storage projects globally.

What we do

We impart our knowledge on professional arenas.

We test technologies

We offer the world´s most advanced test arena for CO2 capture technologies.

Companies and scientific communities from all over the world come to TCM to develop efficient technologies that can be used in full scale carbon capture.

We are advisors

TCM helps players in various industries to adopt technologies that will enable them to achieve their goals for reducing carbon emissions.
We share the knowledge we have gained with developers of projects in carbon capture and storage.