A Brief Overview

The Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) stands as the world’s premier and most adaptable facility for testing carbon capture technologies.

Oversiktsbilde av TCM industrianlegg med deler av anlegget uskarpt i bakkant. Hav og fjell i bakgrunnen. Foto
Technology Centre Mongstad.

Nestled within the municipality of Alver, bordering Austrheim municipality, Technology Centre Mongstad enjoys proximity to Equinor’s oil refinery. From which it receives CO2-rich flue gas for testing a diverse array of technologies.

The diversity at Technology Centre Mongstad

Since its inception in 2012, TCM has conducted a total of 23 test campaigns as of the beginning of 2024. These campaigns, predominantly orchestrated by technology suppliers. Encompass both proprietary initiatives and open-ended, research-driven endeavors lasting up to six months. Within TCM’s infrastructure, the amine plant serves as a proving ground for mature technologies.  Representing the final phase of development before integration into full-scale capture plants. Conversely, the Site for Emerging Technologies provides a platform for pioneering experiments with nascent technologies. Comprising 60 persons working across departments specializing in Technology, Operations, Business Development, and Administration.

Ownership and financing of TCM is divided among the Norwegian state (34%) by Gassnova, Equinor, Shell, and TotalEnergies, each holding equal shares.

Focused on the environment and technology development

TCM steadfastly upholds the world’s most stringent HSEQ standards. Comprehensive contractual agreements underpin each test campaign, delineating emission permits and procedural commitments aimed at ensuring a secure working environment.

Beyond its core function of technology testing and consultancy services, TCM is committed to knowledge dissemination, leveraging insights gleaned from open test campaigns to contribute to the global discourse on carbon capture and storage (CCS). With over 60 scientific publications to our credit, TCM’s experts command significant recognition within the international CCS community.

TCM’s pivotal role in advancing CO2 management as a pivotal tool in the battle against climate change cannot be overstated, with notable contributions including support for the Norwegian Longship project. Our overarching mission is to empower industries worldwide in achieving their CO2 capture targets to mitigate the threat of global overheating. Anchored by our unwavering commitment to excellence, TCM stands as a beacon of first-class quality across all the services we offer. Partner with us to leverage our expertise and facilities for your success!


Technology Centre Mongstad;
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